Car Seat Headrest have released two new EPs: MADLO: Influences and MADLO: Remixes. Both serve as companion pieces to the band’s 2020 album Making A Door Less Open.

MADLO: Influences features covers of songs by David Bowie, The Who, Nine Inch Nails, and Kate Bush that influenced the album. MADLO: Remixes features remixes by Superorganism, 1 Trait Danger, Scuba, Yeule, and Dntel of album tracks.

Making A Door Less Open bridged the creative gap between the traditionally Will Toledo-led Car Seat Headrest and the electronic 1 Trait Danger side project featuring Toledo and Car Seat Headrest drummer Andrew Katz.

Photo by Carlos Cruz

Stream or purchase MADLO: Influences here and MADLO: Remixes here.


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