Surf/blues rockers Carpool Tunnel have announced their debut, full-length album, Bloom, will be released February 26 via Pure Noise Records. The band also dropped the first single and video from Bloom, “Flora.”

The band say about the new single:

“The soil of 2020 was dense, and some of us still feel like we’re underground. However, sometimes we need the darkness to reach the light. “Flora” is here to remind you that no matter how grim life may seem, there will always be sparks of light, love, and hope as long as we are open to them … then it is up to us to decide how large that spark grows.”

Singer/guitarist Ben Koppenjan comments on the idea behind the new album: 

“We were all trying to come out of adolescence and find ourselves. The message we came up with was, ‘Like a flower, you too shall bloom.’ We were all blooming into ourselves and finding our sound at the same time.”

Carpool Tunnel

Carpool Tunnel formed in 2017 through the Vampr app (hailed as Tinder for musicians), with the band recording their first single just two weeks after drummer Daniel Stauffer saw an ad for the app. 

Not long after, the band hit the California coast, road-testing the songs that would become this debut album.

The first single, “Empty Faces,” came out last month, and gives the gist of what fans can expect to hear from Carpool Tunnel, expertly mixing classic and contemporary stylings. 

Koppenjan explains the track:

“We all have people from our past [that] you don’t really talk to anymore but still have a strange connection to. You might follow them on social media or have photos of them. You know nothing about them now but still feel connected to them because you see them all the time.”

Preorder Bloom here; follow Carpool Tunnel on Twitter here, and check out the video for “Flora” below.

Images courtesy of Carpool Tunnel. Featured image credit: Michael Hanano.


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