Missing that festival vibe during these quite honestly shitty times? Monolith On The Mesa have you covered. Last week, festival founders Dano Sanchez and Roman Barham jumped in their green-fueled time machine and hosted a live stream of performances from the 2019 installation of the festival.

Some of the bands included on this psychedelic flashback are The Obsessed, EYE, Green Druid, The Heavy Eyes, and many, many more. Earthquaker Devices shared a mini-documentary, filmed in their signature style, revealing amazing insider info on their pedals, and Relaxer dropped in with a live session featuring highly stylized visuals.

Check out the full stream below, and be sure to check out the Tip Jar function alongside supporting the bands, artists, and festival by purchasing merchandise.

For more information on Monolith On The Mesa, check out their official website here.

Happy listening!


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