News: Check out Burst with ‘(We Watched) The Silver Rain’

Swedish progressive/post-metal band Burst had a phenomenal live session drop, “(We Watched) The Silver Rain,” last month on September 22. Since the release, the session has been receiving a warm welcome and rave compliments from the fans and listeners.

The band share their thoughts:

“This was always going to be the track off of Lazarus Bird, right? ’The Silver Rain’ is BURST in full, swinging prog-mode, pretty much as ambitious as we ever got! One of the coolest, most fun tracks to play, it seems like the logical way to conclude this round of live sessions. Now, go check out our revamped albums as well as the massive box out on Pelagic Records, and if you’re in the area, i.e. the fucking freezing North, pick up some tickets for our upcoming shows this November!”

⁠Watch the full video here:

Catch the band live on the following dates: ⁠

November 18, 2022 Stockholm, SE @ Debaser Strand⁠
November 19, 2022 Copenhagen, DK @ Stairway⁠
November 20, 2022 Gothenburg, SE @ Pustervik

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Photo courtesy of Burst

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