Israeli-born punk Ishay Berger, best known from Fat Wreck band Useless ID, has launched his solo career with a new single and video, “HaMuzika Shel HaYeladim” which roughly translates to “Kids Music”. 

Spending 25 years of his life recording and touring with Useless ID, now aged 42, Ishay found himself bumping into people from his youth, now all grown up with families, houses and ‘real jobs’ – cynically asking Ishay if he’s still doing ‘Kids Music’ (referring to his punk rock).

This became the basis of his first solo single, with ‘HaMuzika Shel HaYeladim’ acting as something of a bittersweet self-affirmation of completely dedicating your life to punk rock, knowing thyself, mentoring and shaping troubled youth, creating an expressive and positive outlet for them, and leading the way, yet growing older and still being doubted and second-guessed by people that could never understand the communal power, emotional sentiment, and love found in our counter-culture.

Check out the video below, and check out Ishay Berger’s other work in Tabarnak, Useless ID, and Bo La Bar.

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Image courtesy of Ishay Berger.


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