The Scientists have released a video for “The Science Of Suave” from their new album, Negativity, out today via In The Red Records. The album features all new material and the band’s 1985-1986 line-up of Kim Salmon, Tony Thewlis, Boris Sujdovic, and Leanne Cowie.

“The Science of Suave” is the second video released from the album. Kim Salmon says:

“When filming the video for Outsider back in January 2020, we thought to get Tony to play to a selection of other songs from the album in front of the camera, before getting on his plane back to London …..just before COVID changed everything for us all! A year and a half later, the (Outsider) video is finally out, to precede the album release, and the band are asked “have you got a follow up single?”…. “does it have a video?” Over the course of a year and a half,  The Science Of Suave has risen to the top of the list as the song laden with the most swagger, audacity and above all Scientific hooks to fulfil this role, so half of this question is answered!

But a video?! Tony in London? Leanne in Sydney? And now Melbourne’s latest lockdown! This video is textbook scientific suave as ingeniously and meticulously documented by Semiconductor Media in the suave surroundings of Bakehouse Studio, The Racoon Club and Kim’s toilet.”

Salmon continues:

“My attitude was, old bands doing new stuff, it’s always rubbish. I just wanted to leave it alone. I thought, well, if we just snuck a single by every once in a while, we could get away with it.”

The Scientists Negativity

Negativity – the Scientists’ first full-length collection of new material since their 1987 last bow Human Jukebox, recorded by a trio fronted by Salmon – was completed transcontinentally: the band produced, and Myles Mumford (who worked on both the earlier In the Red releases) and Jozef Grech recorded. It stands as the culmination of a long journey for its four members.

Offering a summation of the album, Salmon says:

“People think of the ‘80s as being keytars and mullet haircuts, but there was another side to all of that, and we were part of it. This record is another thing again. It is like a contemporary version of the Scientists of the ‘80s. To me, that’s cool.”

Check out the video for “The Science of Suave” below, and pick up Negativity here.

Read our full interview with The Scientists’ Kim Salmon on their new album and lasting longevity here.

Images courtesy of The Scientists. Featured image credit: Andrew Watson.


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