News: Chelsea Wolfe Releases New Video For “Highway”

Known for experimenting with many styles of music under one umbrella, singer-songwriter Chelsea Wolfe recently revealed a new music video for her song “Highway.” The all acoustic and evocatively poetic track is taken from her latest album Birth Of Violence, which released in late 2019 via Sargent House Records

Visually, the video does a beautiful job of capturing Wolfe walking down a lonesome, back road somewhere unknown on a beautiful, sunny day.  Shots of an isolated graveyard provide a bit of contrast to the sunny weather, while simultaneously complimenting the gloomier atmosphere of the track.

The video corresponds to the lyrics of the track quite well, which depict life on the road as a traveling musician from the perspective of Wolfe in a simplistic and pensive sort of way. 

About the “Highway” video, Wolfe states: “I’ve been blessed to work with both Ben Chisholm and Kristin Cofer for many years now as creative collaborators. Ben sometimes does something called “grave-hunting,” searching for graves for people online who are looking for their relatives in far-away cemeteries.

“Kristin and I went along with him one day last spring to a hidden graveyard in a small mountain town, and I brought my guitar along. We searched, and filmed, and played some music for those who’ve passed on.

“The feel of the video was inspired by some footage I stumbled upon of Joni Mitchell from a 1966 French-Canadian TV show, after I had already written “Highway,” but the feel was just so sweet and natural and free, and I wanted to bring that to life for my own song as well, since Joni has been such a big inspiration for me since childhood.” 

Wolfe has always been a conduit for a powerful energy, and while she has demonstrated a capacity to channel that somber beauty into a variety of forms, her gift as a songwriter is never more apparent than when she strips her songs down to a few key elements. As a result, her solemn majesty and ominous elegance are more potent than ever on her new album, Birth of Violence.

Purchase Birth of Violence here.

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