News: Cleveland Avenue Drop New Single ‘Tell Me’

Chicago pop-punkers Cleveland Avenue end 2023 on a high note with their new song “Tell Me.” The release is the band’s first track since 2022.

“This song is pretty new for us. I think it shows our maturity as a band, where we have come from, and where we want to go with our sound,” Cleveland Avenue state.

“Tell Me” is a soaring, pop punk anthem with an ear-wormy hook. The versatile vocals masterfully blend in a pair of versus leading to explosive choruses. It’s a perfect representation of all that is good in the genre.

“The song is a good look into how some relationships aren’t worth saving, and sometimes, when you go back and forth, you just end up causing more damage to each other,” the band continue.

Cleveland Avenue are preparing for a big year with potential for shows and more music. Of course, the Chicago scene is ripe for a band of their caliber to rise rapidly.

“We’re super excited to show everyone this song,” Cleveland Avenue continue. “Not only because it is the first song we have released in two years, but also because it’s the appetizer for more music to come out next year.”

Keep a close eye out for announcements from Cleveland Avenue here.

Photo Courtesy of Alex Zarek

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