News: Clouds Taste Satanic Release ’79 A.E.’ March 1

The instrumental progressive doom quartet, Clouds Taste Satanic, are set to release 79 A.E. March 1 via Majestic Mountain Records. This will be their ninth album to date and literally a true soundtrack to the impending apocalypse laced with the band’s trademark heavy, progressive, doom sound.

The band was given a script by a Texas screenwriter and asked to score a film about near-global extinction. The movie has yet to be made but 79 A.E. is that soundtrack. and it’s available for download at Bandcamp now.

79 A.E. Track Listing:


Clouds Taste Satanic was founded in Brooklyn, NY in 2013 by guitarist Steve Scavuzzo which included members of Gatos de Sensi. The idea was to fuse the sound and approach of bands such as Sleep and Earth with the bombast of Pelican and Bongripper.

Since their inception, Clouds Taste Satanic has appeared at Doomed & Stoned (Indianapolis), The Maryland Doom Fest, Descendants Of Crom, and most recently Stoner Jam in Austin, TX during SXSW.

The band lineup is:

Steve Scavuzzo – Guitar
Rob Halstead – Bass
Greg Acampora – Drums
Brian Bauhs – Guitar

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