News: CNTS Releases New Song ‘I Won’t Work For You’

The Los Angeles band CNTS have released a second song, “I Won’t Work For You,” off of their upcoming album Thoughts & Prayers, set to release March 29 via IPECAC Recordings. There will also be a new music video coming out alongside the new single. It’s directed by Meriel O’Connell and was filmed at a pizza joint where Michael Crain worked. During tough times, Crain occasionally treated Cronk to a free slice.

Presave Thoughts & Prayers here.

Matt Cronk on the story behind the track:

“‘I Won’t Work For You’ was inspired by the talking point being bandied about, mostly by conservatives, that ‘nobody wants to work anymore’ after having collected unemployment during the lockdown. I think a more accurate way to frame that is that nobody wants to work for people who treat them badly. Nobody wants to work for the sole purpose of enriching someone else, and nor should they! Work sucks. I think a lot of people, myself included, are inspired to find more equitable means of supporting themselves or at least more from their employers.”

CNTS Tour Dates:

March 1: Las Vegas, NV @ The Dive Bar
March 2: Bakersfield, CA @ 415
March 4: Seattle, WA @ Fun House
March 5: Portland, OR @ Polaris Hall
March 6: Bend, OR @ The Silver Moon
March 7: Sacramento, CA @ Café Colonial
March 8: San Francisco, CA @ Kilowatt Bar
March 9: Fresno, CA @ Destructive Warehouse
March 10: Pomona, CA @ Characters Bar (Early Show)
March 10: Long Beach, CA @ Supply & Demand (Late Show)
March 23: Los Angeles, CA @ Poor Kids Mansion

Thoughts & Prayers Track List:

  1. I Won’t Work For You
  2. Thoughts & Prayers
  3. Smart Mouth
  4. Dear Sir
  5. For A Good Time (Don’t Call Her)
  6. Alone
  7. Eating You Alive
  8. Real Truth
  9. Junkie
  10. Drown

Photo courtesy of CNTS

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