News: Coffin Torture to Release New Record ‘Blennoid’ October 7

The savagely fierce duo of Coffin Torture are set to release their new six track record, Blennoid, via Sludgelord Records October 7. Musical themes are set to include supernatural events, brain-eating worms, and the always terrifying carnivorous rivers of slime.

Coffin Torture

Coffin Torture comments:

“We really wanted the music to be as grotesque sounding as the events described in the lyrics. I think we’ve accomplished that this time around. It’s brutal!”

Coffin Torture began their deathly career in 2006 under the name Tsavo before changing to Cave Dweller and eventually settling on Coffin Torture in 2008. They released their first record, Dismal Planet, in 2018 as the first band on the Sludgelord Records roster.

Visit Coffin Torture’s Bandcamp page here.

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