American Nightmare singer Wesley Eisold’s darkwave and synth band Cold Caves has released a new single in preparation for the release of their recently announced album, Fate in Seven Lesson. The single is “Night Light” and you can check it out below:

Fate in Seven Lesson will be out June 11th via Heartworm Press.

It’s a fairly dancy track. Maybe you can’t mosh to it, but you can certainly swivel your hips a bit to its rhythm. It also seems to deal with questions of dependency and the fear there of.

Eisold describes the themes of the track as attempting to capture a sense of, “clinging to love the way people cling to religion and escaping the trappings of time. It’s an ode to the light in the dark, and end of the night anthem for everything you wish you said.”

I mean, that’s basically what I was thinking too, but Eisold said it better. Not surprising, because he wrote the song.

Photo by Travis Shinn.

You can preorder Fate in Seven Lesson here.


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