SoCal’s Come Closer have released their debut single, “Get It Wrong,” from their upcoming album Pretty Garbage, out early 2021 on Pirates Press Records.

The project is the DIY, solo effort of J. Wang (Dan Padilla, Tiltwheel, Altaira), who produced the record in the back room of his house with the help of some talented friends. Davey Quinn (Tiltwheel, Dan Padilla) and Chris Prescott (Pinback, No Knife, Rock From The Crypt) lent their musical and engineering talents to bring the record to life.

Wang says:

“I’m super excited about it, and it is much different than anything I’ve done before. With the exception of the drums, the majority of the record was recorded in the back room at my house.”

Check out “Get It Wrong” below, or save on your favorite streaming service here.


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