News: Conan Drop Single ‘Righteous Alliance’ From New Album August 19

The world’s heaviest, doomiest band, Conan, have released a single entitled ‘Righteous Alliance’ from their forthcoming record, Evidence Of Immortality, available on August 19 via Napalm Records. Be forewarned, this track hits like an earthquake.

Guitarist and singer Jon Davis comments:

“‘Righteous Alliance‘ is another track that we have been playing live. It is all about war and the hopelessness of it. However, a hero is coming, and just as death is imminent, an unflinching savior enters the fray, and the day is saved, for now. We were keen to include some fan footage from over the years; thankfully they came through, so thanks to everyone for being a part of it.”

Davis further states:

“’Evidence of Immortality’ was written between December 2019 and late 2021. As such, it has absorbed a lot of the emotions that were flowing through our lives then. The lyrics were written on the eve of the war in Ukraine so, naturally, they deal with subjects such as victory and defeat, loss and hope, pain and determination, fear and hatred. Movies such as ‘Conquest,’ ‘Lord of The Rings,’ ‘Fire and Ice,’ ‘Krull,’ ‘Beast Master,’ and ‘Clash of The Titans’ once again provided inspiration for the themes of the songs, as we maintain our determination to not write about real-world events. You want to escape? Throw this record on; turn the lights off, and turn it up until your fucking ears bleed.”


Evidence of Immortality was produced by Chris Fielding and mastered by James Plotkin. The album also features a guest appearance by former band member Dave Perry on the track “Grief Sequence.”

Preorder Evidence Of Immortality here.

Visit Conan’s official website here.

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