News: Crisis Actor to Release Album

Three-piece band Crisis Actor are set to release their debut LP, False Flag, due out February 4 via Devour Records.

The album will be available on all platforms with a vinyl to follow later this year.

False Flag opens with chaos fueled “The March.” Following swiftly behind is previously released “Burning Up” and “No More” transitioning gracefully. The tracks indulge in elegant melodic post-punk, keeping high-energy throughout, “Rat Trap” and “What’s a Good Cop?” carrying out their Dead Kennedy-esque approach to music. 

Crisis Actor has a flair for morphing afrobeat rhythms into their punk style. Single “Heartbreak for Heroes” gives way to the high intensity satire of  “Feed Me Drugs” and sheer “Doomsday” paranoia in the next two tracks. The second half of Crisis Actor’s False Flag  continues with the raw angst of a minimum wage job captured in the anthemic “Another Dollar.” “Tell Yourself” wraps up this first record on a  high note with fury.

Crisis Actor

After spending a short period in isolation writing, Crisis Actor began with a series of shows throughout 2019. Playing in many indie clubs and bars around Los Angeles ranging from the Smell to the Redwood bar. Their sound has been described as part Dead Kennedys and part Gang of Four, thrown in a blender at high volume and high speed. Adorned with sardonic yet playfully honest lyrics, the result is a mixture that is as explosive as it is moving.

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