News: Crossing i’s Dotting t’s Releases “Would You Speak”

Crossing i’s Dotting t’s showcase their typical aggressive emo and alt-rock style in their new song “Would You Speak.” The Orange County/ Los Angeles natives present plenty to love, especially for the more traditional punk, grunge and early emo fans.

“The song screams of self-reflection and asking people if they would still be doing the thing they “love to do” if no one was paying attention to them,” the band says.

Members of Riot Records, Crossing I’s Dotting T’s spent the past year or so touring the West coast, often sampling products for major names in rock like Orang Amplifiers and Ernie Ball. “Would You Speak” has already found its way onto a number of major playlists.

“We want people to realize through new music that you do not need to just go with the flow of everyone else.”

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