News: Crux Come Out with New Song Titled ‘Dreamseller’

Hailing from Newcastle, Crux’s new single “Dreamseller” cements its status as an authentic and passionate voice in the modern U.K. alternative scene. The track has propelled the band to new levels and is one of the Crux’s most downloaded songs.

The single adds to a dense cannon of hard jabs at the music industry. Specifically, the blistering “Dreamseller” chastises the industry’s propensity to commodify artists, turning them in profit generating machines. The struggle to fight for the art in music making is a relatable one. And Crux stick a big middle finger to what the music industry has turned into.

The track is a result of the band sending some of its music to Jack Saunders Feedback Friday Twitch show and putting his advice to use. The riffs are catchy. The sound is forward-thinking with engrossing lyrics the listener will get lost in.

“Dreamseller” is the kind of song that can help Crux expand from Newcastle, where they are well established. As the band grow their reach, you can keep track of their music here.

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