News: Cult Of Luna Release New Single ‘Cold Burn’

On February 11, Cult Of Luna will release their new album, The Long Road North. You can get a taste of that record right now with their new single, “Cold Burn.” The album features guest appearances from composer Colin Stetson, Phoenix’s Christian Mazzalai, and Laurent Brancowitz.

“Cold Burn” also previews a Cult Of Luna based gaming experience set for release on February 11 alongside The Long Road North. The video and game, created by Linus Johansson of North Kingdom Greenhouse, captures the essence of Cult Of Luna with real-time technology and interactive storytelling. Within the video, fans are able to explore the visual world created for The Long Road North.

Vocalist/guitarist Johannes Persson states about the new album:

“It’s a big and cinematic sounding album. I think one of the reasons why we have been able to be so productive the last couple of years is that we have been consistently writing from the heart. We have let our instincts guide us, and I think it’s getting clearer where we are heading. The long road north is a long road home. A direction dictated by a call that penetrates rock and echoes through the forest. It flows over every lake, accelerated by the wind. When it reaches you, you know it’s time. Time to move forward. You don’t know where it will lead, but you put the trust in it. With eyes raised towards the midnight sun, it pulls you closer. The road is long, and the end is uncertain.”

Cult of Luna are confirmed to tour the U..K. and EU next Spring with Alcest, Caspian and Holy Fawn. North American dates will be announced.

Preorder Long Road North here

Visit Cult Of Luna’s official website here

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