News: Cult of Luna Release Single

Post-metal band Cult of Luna have release new track, “Into the Night,” via Metal Blade Records.

The track can be found on the band’s forthcoming record, The Long Road North, due out February 11, flirting with new dynamics and thematic melodies.

“’Into the Night’ is about the search for something or someone that’s been lost. It’s about being in the state between conscious and unconscious, awake and dreaming.,” says Fredrik Kihlberg about the new track. “Seeing, hearing, and experiencing things, and not knowing if it’s real or imagination.”

Cult of Luna will be heading out on the road. Confirmed to tour U.K. and EU this Spring with Alcest, Caspian and Holy Fawn. Tickets are now available

Cult of Luna

The Long Road North tracklisting:

  1. “Cold Burn”
  2.  “The Silver Arc”
  3.  “Beyond I”
  4. “An Offering to the Wild”
  5. “ Into the Night”
  6.  “Full Moon”
  7. “The Long Road North”
  8.  “Blood Upon Stone”
  9. “Beyond II”
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