News: Dammit Goldie Merge Post-Hardcore and Punk Rock on “Medusa”

Hamilton, Ontario alternative rock outfit Dammit Goldie have released a new single.

“Medusa” is a high-octane, mesmerizing start to 2023 for the Canadian outfit, with their traditional, pop-punk leanings getting a dose of post-hardcore on their heaviest and most riveting track to date.

Since the release of 2020’s “Low Then Up,” Hamilton, ON quartet Dammit Goldie have gone about melting a range of punk and rock influences into their soundscape. Utilizing the malaise of the COVID-19 pandemic to gather their thoughts and put pen to paper, a wide berth of influences have bled into the band’s sound, as they continue to generate a cohesion, with a deft vocal/instrumental interplay.

With gritty punk rock vocals, nostalgic grunge tones, and mathy guitar work, Dammit Goldie hone a dexterous array of music backgrounds and marry them with aplomb. Their early work was fueled by the band’s melodic punk rock leanings. On the band’s new single, “Medusa,” the Canadians take another step towards the heavy arena, with a resonating anthem that nods to post-hardcore influence and captivates with a gripping and atmospheric delivery.

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