Eat your heart out Tony Hawk. Dan McKay, tour manager and audio engineer to some seriously epic bands and creator of Finless Skateboard Co., has curated a playlist of tracks to shred to just for New Noise.

You can read all about the gorgeous, sustainable, and handmade skateboards straight out of Montreal, and how McKay enlisted his kids to help him create the brand here.

Check out McKay’s perfect playlist for everything skate related—from building the boards to cruising around town—below, and back Finless Skateboard Co. on Kickstarter here

Finless Skateboards Co

“King of the Road” – Fu Manchu
Literally, EVERY skateboard the kids and I made in our backer in the summer was to the soundtrack of Fu Manchu. This band is very much the vibe behind Finless Skateboard Co.

“Ezy Ride” – Jimi Hendrix
I mean … Shall I say more?

“Hush” – Deep Purple
Throwing back to the ’70s like we do with our decks, I can just imagine getting ready and bombing a hill to this track.

“Holy Ghost” – The Bar-Keys 
This song is so groovy; it feels like the perfect track to cruise around with a gang, taking over the whole strip.

“Psychobetabuckdown”- Cypress Hill
I remember listening to this on my big, yellow Walkman skating around the neighborhood when it came out in ’91.

“Spooky” – Dusty Springfield
Perfect quiet sunset walk along the boardwalk.

“Baby” – Doonie & Joe Emerson
The opposite of spooky, waking up in a beach house checking out the waves having coffee getting ready to hit a wave.

“Dancefloor Slammer” – Mojave Lords
The desert feels like home. It’s weird; it’s secluded; it’s low and sludgy; it’s psychedelic and eccentric. We used this song on our Kickstarter video.

“King Richard TLH” – Masters of Reality
More desert, groove, and mystic. 

Images courtesy of Dan McKay/Finless Skateboard Co.


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