Dan McKay, Tour Manager and Audio Engineer for the likes of The Distillers, Eagles of Death Metal, and Cypress Hill, has launched Finless Skateboard Co., a sustainable skateboard company, via Kickstarter, with a little help from his children.

Without work due to the pandemic—McKay was due to be on the road with Five Finger Death Punch for most of 2020—the tour manager turned to his love of building skateboards to fill the time he had on his hands at home in Montreal. Only it grew from building a couple of boards for/with his kids into a real business opportunity.

McKay says: 

“I love making skateboards. I love my kids. I love pursuing seemingly impossible tasks and giving them meaning. As a life-long entrepreneur and independent contractor, I’ve always dreamt of one day sharing a business formed out of passion with my children.”

Finless Skateboards Co.

The Finless Skateboard Co. story goes all the way back to 2015, when McKay brought his son Harley a cruiser board back from a tour on the Golden Coast. The youngster was stoked with his new board, but it was unfortunately hit by a car and destroyed. That’s when McKay decided the family could make their own boards, and daughter Daisy Jo joined the team.

The boards were turning out beautiful, and requests for custom boards were rolling in. That’s when the company itself was manifested, and its direction decided. Taking inspiration from SoCal towns like Malibu, Santa Monica, and Venice Beach, Finless decks are all about eco-friendly materials and vintage feels with a modern twist.

Finless Skateboards Co.

When the pandemic hit this year, it gave McKay the opportunity to put his all into the project, moving from his backyard to a wood shop team.

McKay adds:

“This year has been insanely hard on everyone, especially the music industry. I had to step back and transition from all the gloomy tones of 2020 and turn to something positive. There is something about making something from scratch, with your hands, and making it as perfect as you can, and on top of it, doing it with the people you love, it’s electric and addictive.”

You can find out more and support Finless Skateboard Co. on Kickstarter via the link below. Check out the crafting and cruising playlist Dan McKay curated especially for New Noise here.

Images courtesy of Dan McKay/Finless Skateboard Co.


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