News: Daniel Bachman Releases New Album ‘When the Roses Come Again’

American Primitive guitarist and drone artist Daniel Bachman released his latest album, When the Roses Come Again, on Friday, November 17 via Three Lobed Recordings.

It marks the artist’s follow-up to his 2022 release Almanac Behind. The album was recorded last spring on a laptop in a cabin next to Shenandoah National Park and was whittled down from a full week of eight hours of guitar improvisation every day.

“My intention with this record was to represent the spiritual machinery that moves through all life, samsara, the wheel of life, etc. starting with birth, then death, and ending in rebirth,” explains Bachman. “I see this process moving in our garden through the seasons, and through intense personal experiences I’ve had. I see it in the churning of centuries within my own family, and through exploring these intergenerational connections, I hope to better understand my own place within these intangible cycles.”

You can purchase the record directly from Three Lobed Recordings.

Photo courtesy of Daniel Bachman 

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