News: Dark Tranquillity Vocalist Stops Teasing, Confirms Side Project’s Debut LP

Fans of Dark Tranquillity vocalist Mikael Stanne, arguably the best but definitely the busiest musician in Sweden’s coveted melodic death metal community, are getting antsy for more information on his newest side project, Cemetery Skyline. But fear not, fans of fear-inspiring extreme metal: The quintet do indeed have a full-length on the way.

The supergroup—which also features members of Insomnium, Amorphis, and Entombed—unofficially introduced themselves in early April with the surprise release of their first single, “Violent Storm.” Melodeth fans didn’t pay all that much attention to it at the time, what with a new Dark Tranquillity album (Endtime Signals) due August 16 as well as the second full-length by another Stanne project, The Halo Effect, also slated for release this year.

Cemetery Skyline: Follow the Views

Astute fans of Stanne and his myriad projects may recall that The Halo Effect also introduced themselves courtesy of multiple singles (first “Shadowminds,” then “Feel What I Believe”) well before announcing that the band also had a full-length album on the horizon. Five months after introducing themselves with those two songs, the Halo Effect replied to the initial wave of strong reception with news that the project wouldn’t be limited to just one-off recordings.

Deliberately or not, Stanne took the teasing a step further with Cemetery Skyline. He and his conspirators followed “Violent Storm” with the announcement of a second single, “In Darkness,” in early May. A month and a half later, they took their brinksmanship to another level by releasing a third new song, “The Coldest Heart,” on June 19.

The Wait for an LP (Announcement) is Over

Having successfully titillated fans with Cemetery Skyline and their more goth-tinged take on the Swedish melodeth sound, and having lit a fuse of frustration with no announcement of an LP despite three singles, Stanne finally took to social media to deliver news that both relieved and roused the vocalist’s faithful followers.

“As many of you have been asking: Of course we have a full album waiting, that will come your way rather sooner than later,” Cemetery Skyline said in a June 26 post on their Facebook page. “The preorders will start next month and we’ll make sure you won’t miss it, so all old school vinyl lovers (like us!) will be able to get a physical copy, too.”

Mikael Stanne, Renaissance Man

So there you have it. After turning 50 years old a couple of months ago, we now know for certain that Stanne is juggling three musical endeavors. And given the rabidly enthusiastic response to the Halo Effect in particular, it appears he might be trying to pursue all three projects with the same level of commitment. Talk about turning the term “side project” into an oxymoron.

Rounding out Cemetery Skyline are guitarist Markus Vanhala (Insomnium, Omnium Gatherum), keyboardist Santeri Kallio (Amorphis), bassist Vesa Ranta (Entombed, Witchery), and drummer Victor Brandt (Sentenced). Their debut concert will take place in Finland at John Smith Rock Festival, which runs August 18-20. For those keeping score at home, Insomnium will play that event as well. Dark Tranquillity and the Halo Effect, however, are not—at least for now.

Photo courtesy of Sam Jamsen

For more on Cemetery Skyline, check out their Instagram and YouTube accounts.

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