Vocalist, actor, and author Davey Havok is excited to announce his first NFT. The NFT, titled “A Strange Year: Day 293,” is a photo collaboration with esteemed photographer Nedda Afsari and is now up for auction at Ephimera.

The image captures Havok at his most stylishly unkempt look during the pandemic-related lockdown, a look known all-too-well by those who observed these guidelines over the course of the last year.

Nedda Afsari is an L.A.-based, Iranian-raised photographer and creative director. She explores themes of power, liberation, and self awareness, all while celebrating and traversing the diverse realms of the divine feminine and human sexuality.

Afsari says of the collaboration: “When quarantine hit, we had to come up with different ways to express ourselves in isolation. Dave approached me with the idea of documenting him in his personal space, untethered.” Afsari adds, “Meaning, Dave in his unkempt environment.”

Havok, the lead singer of AFI, Blaqk Audio, XTRMST and Dreamcar, states: “After having first shot with Nedda, I longed to get back in front of her lens. Before I could, the pandemic hit, and without safe beautification options, I fell into disarray. My hair went uncut for months. My mustache grew serpentine and obscene.” Havok adds, “Needless to say, I needed documentation. Thankfully, Nedda was ready for the sordid task.”

Havok/Afsari photograph auction page here.

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