Days N’ Daze have released a new video for “Addvice”, from their debut Fat Wreck Chords release, Show Me the Blueprints.

The veteran DIY “thrashgrass” band, who spent their previous years doing everything for themselves, released their first Fat Wreck album in May 2020. Bringing John Carey (Old Man Markley) and D-Composers on board for recording and producing respectively, the band created their eighth full-length album. 

Days N Daze Album

From the album comes new single, “Addvice”, and its trippy video, created with the help of talented videographer Callum Scott-Dyson

Guitarist/vocalist, Jesse Sendejas, comments on the new single on the Fat Wreck Chords blog

“When I wrote “Addvice,” I just wanted to talk about how it feels to live in a cycle of addiction, how quickly and easily that cycle can get the best of ya, and how when the solution to your problems becomes the problem itself- it’s not difficult to get stuck in a loop of unhealthy coping mechanisms.”

Check out the video below, and grab a copy of Show Me the Blueprints here.

Images courtesy of Fat Wreck Chords. Featured image by Brandon Walsh.


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