News: Deaf Club Announce North American Tour, Limited Vinyl

Deaf Club make multiple, major announcements including their dates for a North American tour and the release of a limited vinyl variant of the band’s debut LP Productive Disruption.

Recorded on a dark day—January 6, 2021—the album is a source of light. It attacks oppressors, fascists, and is unapologetically political. It’s deeper than the band’s 2019 EP, Contemporary Sickness, which already moved with blastbeat fueled urgency.

Productive Disruption has had two years to mutate since the original recording, becoming angrier, evolved and more focused. It’s aided by sci fi shredder Tommy Meehan and expert guitarist Brian Amalfitano. Justin Person crafts most of the lyrics while Scott Osment paces the band on the drums. Bassist Jason Klein is also part of the team. All four musicians have extensive musical backgrounds.

The band’s media team describes the album as “a death threat to some, a love letter to others.” That sounds like the kind of art people want to hear. To learn more about the band see where their shows are, lick here. 

Deaf Club Tour

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