New England death metal behemoths Fuming Mouth have unleashed a ferocious new EP titled Beyond The Tomb today with their new label Nuclear Blast. The new 3 song EP will whet the appetite of death metal fans, and gives a glimpse of the utter carnage that will follow under their new affiliation with Nuclear Blast.

Commenting on their title track, “Beyond The Tomb,” Fuming Mouth, vocalist/guitarist Mark Whelan states:

I think this is a side of Fuming Mouth not many people know about and I’m eager to show it. The music video was filmed deep in the woods of New England at a remote house. We used a lot of ideas from 80’s cult horror movies on the video and tried to create our own story. It really took on a life of its own.

Fuming Mouth recently announced their partnership with Nuclear Blast with their crushing single “Master of Extremity.”  Check it out here. commented on the track:

It sounds like the type of music that a family of ogres might play if you dragged them out of their cage and forced them to listen to nothing but Hatebreed and Obituary for a year. Some of the riff change-ups on this thing are enough to yank your head clean off your shoulders.

Formed in 2013, Fuming Mouth has been on a mission to create an unbridled brand of death metal. The band set out as a 3 piece taking influence from bands like Dismember while simultaneously taking inspiration from the likes of Motorhead. Geared up now as a 4-piece band, they’re ready to take on the world with Nuclear Blast Records by their side.

Purchase your copy of Beyond The Tomb EP in the format of your choice here 

Listen to the EP on all streaming platforms here


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