News: Death To All Announce U.S. Tour Dates

Death To All are currently on the road celebrating Chuck Shuldiner and Death on their “The Scream Of Perseverance Tour.” Cryptopsy is along for support. The road trip began May 18 with a two day stopover at Milwaukee Metal Fest which was nothing less than epic and spectacular. Saturday’s set was a brutal trip in the way back machine. Somewhere Chuck was looking down and smiling upon DTA’s performance.

Gene Hoglan says:

“Death To All is really excited to be hitting the road on the ‘The Scream of Perserverance Tour’ with special guests Cryptopsy. The North American tour will bring three different, special and exciting shows encapsulating the two equally important eras of Death.”

Gene Hoglan adds:

“We’ll be joined by our good friends, the legendary Cryptopsy, who have some special plans of their own for this tour. Death To All is extremely pleased to be bringing these special nights to the fans of the one and only Chuck Schuldiner … as only Death To All can … his entire Death legacy! As Chuck liked to say, ‘Let the metal flow.’ You’ll want to catch every night possible.”

Cryptopsy shares:

“Cryptopsy is very much looking forward to sharing the stage with the iconic and symbolic Death To All band! Since the tour will be hitting major U.S. markets two nights back to back, we plan on giving the fans two unique set lists, one that consists of classic old school first generation Cryptopsy tracks and a second that’ll focus more on the newer generation. We are grateful for the opportunity to celebrate Death’s legacy alongside Death To All. We welcome you all to bear witness to this epic tour!”

Death To All are a unique opportunity for a new generation of metalheads to experience the legacy of Death and Chuck Schuldiner. The Scream of Perseverance Tour features unique two-night gigs in multiple cities where the first night will feature, in its entirety, Scream Bloody Gore, as well as classic tunes from Leprosy and Spiritual Healing. The second night will feature The Sound of Perseverance, as well as songs from the technical and more melodic era of Death, Human, Individual Thought Patterns, and Symbolic.

In certain cities, the sets will see Death To All play the mightiest bangers from every Death album.

Death To All is Gene Hoglan drums, Steve Di Giorgio bass, Bobby Koelble guitar, and Max Phelps guitar/vocals.

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