*Image Source: GoFundMe

Earlier this month, a high school band from Costa Mesa called WACKO decided to throw a fun, harmless punk rock show in the back of a Denny’s Restaurant. Over 50 fans showed up, but it quickly turned into a mess as fans started a mosh pit and ended up trashing the place. Eventually, everyone was kicked out and left $2,000 worth of damage. 

Seventeen-year-old Bryson Del Valle booked the show for his favorite band, but the manager of Denny’s assumed that Del Valle was renting the space for a meal, not a punk show. [Source: Billboard]

Watch WACKO’s Live Set @ Denny’s in Costa Mesa, CA!

Del Valle and WACKO both started a GoFundMe to help raise money for all the damages made. Also, Green Day stepped in and helped Del Valle by donating $2,000 to the cause – Confirmed via Twitter and screenshot below:

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