News: Deviant Process Release Video for Track ‘Emergence’

Canadian prog metallers Deviant Process have released a video for the track “Emergence” from their latest record, Nurture, released  October 15, 2021, via Season of Mist Records.  Deviant Process dug deep into the likes of classic Death, Cynic, and Pestilence as well as contemporaries Obscura, Beyond Creation, and Fractal Universe to conjure up the tech death of Nurture.

Deviant Process comments:

“We’re absolutely pleased to present you our first music video ever! It was an amazing experience, and we were blessed to have such a great team to make it happen. We’re sincerely satisfied with the result!”

Guitarist/vocalist Jean-Daniel Villeneuve adds:

“There’s no gory stuff or anything typically death metal in our lyrics … Our goal is to have the listener be able to associate a lyrical idea to a song. We want the listener to create their own feeling and meaning for the songs. It’s an album where people can really feel the vibe throughout the whole thing, not just from listening to one song. There’s an energy you can feel from our effort and there’s a flow that goes from beginning to the end, a journey that’s speaking in the music.”

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