News: Devil Master Drop Single and Video ‘Acid Black Mass,’ Announce New Record

Occult, blackened metallers Devil Master have dropped a stark and shocking video for the track  “Acid Black Mass,” from their forthcoming album, Ecstasies of Never Ending Night, due to be released April 29 via Relapse Records. “Acid Black Mass” was recorded live to analog tape, perfectly capturing the true spirit and sonic personality of Devil Master.

Lead guitarist Darkest Prince states:

It’s the perfect evolution of our sound. It’s Japanese metal-punk d-beat meets black metal. There’s plenty of GISM and Mobs in there, but also Celtic Frost and Gorgoroth. This album is more mature and self-confident. It’s moving past childish Satanism towards a more mature, dark spirituality. This one is not relying on stereotypical tropes. It’s a real magickal experience. This and the last album are mirrored opposites, right down to the titles. There’s even an instrumental in the middle of the album, like last time. I believe in balance, so there’s a spiritual aspect to it. And it just feels good.”

During the pandemic, Devil Master mutually parted ways with half of their previous lineup.  Vocalist Disembody Through Unparalleled Pleasure assumed the role of bassist, alongside Darkest Prince, and rhythm guitarist, Infernal Moonlight Apparition. Rounding out the band is newest member and drummer and keyboardist, Festering Terror in Deepest Catacomb (Chris Ulsh of Power Trip and Iron Age).

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