News: Devil Master Members Launch Bat Magick Record Label

Members of Devil Master have announced the formation of a new in-house record label called Bat Magick Records. The first two releases from Bat Magick include the digital version of Devil Master’s live cassette Vile Twisted Magick Process which sold out on their recent headlining North American tour with Fuming Mouth and Final Gasp.

Bat Magick’s second release is the self titled debut from Philadelphia’s blackest of the black, Glorious Decent. Their self-titled, debut EP was released a few months ago and sold at select live shows.

Glorious Descent features Devil Master’s Darkest Prince on bass and vocals with their recent live drummer Wrought by Fathomless Hands (Sean Lafferty), Robert Orr of Unreal City, and Dødsleie on guitars and main song writing.

Regarding Vile Twisted Magick Process guitarist Darkest Prince of All Rebellion states:

“It features old tracks and several off of the latest LP ‘Ecstasies of Never Ending Night,’ featuring the same lineup from said LP, and reflects the bands’ revamped working of such older songs from records previous to ‘Ecstasies.’ Arthur Rizk’s mastering always adds that final touch of brutality and psychedelia.”

Regarding Glorious Descent, Darkest Prince comments:

“I am honored to play in what I can firmly call an actual black metal project. Robert has written songs which reflect the true rebellious nature of black metal in its formative years, refusing to conform to any models whilst retaining a genuine sinister feel. Sean’s steel strong drumming rounds out a heavy, rocking and evil new outfit.”

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