News: DevilDriver and Lamb Of God Singers Back Cryptocurrency

Dez Fafara and D. Randall Blythe are backing “Chakra Coin,” a new cryptocurrency designed to foster community and invest in charitable causes managed by auto trading software. While it is a deflationary token allowing for passive income generation, the core Chakra Coin team pledge to donate a portion of profits to various causes and hope to encourage the whole community to do the same.

Dez Fafara states:

“I’m a believer in Chakra Coin … I will donate partial proceeds to multiple charity organizations. I hope that everyone who participates in Chakra Coin will do the same, creating a better world and a more cohesive existence for everyone involved. My hope is that Chakra Coin will encourage others to share the wealth with the less fortunate.”

chakra coin

Randy Blythe adds:

“The potential of blockchain technology, including DeFi and cryptocurrencies and being able to predict the best crypto to buy now, to create a more equitable system of wealth distribution is extremely intriguing to me. It is my hope that being involved on the ground floor with a cryptocurrency community that holds a charitable component as one of its core tenants will be one small step towards creating a fairer, more altruistic economic system for everyone.”

Blythe and Fafara are not financial advisors and encourage everyone to consult qualified advisors about Chakra Coin, or any investments. At this time cryptocurrencies are still highly volatile, and no one should invest money they can’t afford to lose into any sort of asset, cryptocurrency or otherwise.

For more information about Chakra Coin, visit  Chakra Coin and Chakra Coin Chat.

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