Ocean City, Maryland stoner metal band Dirt Woman have shared their new single “Creator” from their upcoming, debut album The Glass Cliff. It’s a track of epic scale with its gargantuan riffs matched by the 13-minute run time.

“‘Creator’ was a turning point for us regarding the songwriting process,” the band says of the release. “Before ‘Creator,’ we didn’t have a clear vision of where exactly this album would take us, but through writing, we found the characteristics that shape us as a collective and our individual strengths. Lyrically, it came from a place of discontent for mainstream religions and the oppressive nature of worshiping a singular male god.”

“Creator” is a reliable pleaser for fans of the stoner rock realm as it parades, stampedes, or maybe staggers from massive opening chords backing vocalist/guitarist Zoe Koch to an extended, sludgy middle that slowly returns to a vocal-topped ending.

“Creator” follows the album’s lead single and opening track “Lady of the Dunes.” The Glass Cliff is out March 13 via Grimoire Records.

Pre-order The Glass Cliff here.


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