Ian says they’re going to reissue Dischord’s first six albums, so that’s what’s happening. They’ll be released in a single boxset, but otherwise in their original, seven-inch formats. These releases will include (if you don’t know their discography or can’t use Google):

Dischord # 1 – The Teen Idles Minor Disturbance eight-song EP
Dischord # 2 – SOA No Policy 10-song EP
Dischord # 3 – Minor Threat Minor Threat eight-song EP
Dischord # 4 – Government Issue Legless Bull 10-song EP
Dischord # 5 – Minor Threat In My Eyes four-song EP
Dischord # 6 – Youth Brigade Possible seven-song EP

There will also be a 12-page booklet.

Ian also says that you can only get the boxset through him here. But, I mean, they’re his records, so why would you go through anyone else?


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