News: Dismember Sign with Nuclear Blast; ‘Like An Everflowing Stream’ Kicks Off Catalog Re-issue Campaign

Recently reformed Swedish death metal pioneers Dismember have once again joined the ranks of Nuclear Blast Records, the very same label where they released their demo, Reborn In Blasphemy (1990), their 1991 debut album, Like An Everflowing Stream, and the four records that would follow.

Like An Everflowing Stream is the first entry in a re-issue campaign of the entire Dismember back catalog, which is currently being remastered from the original albums

Listen to “Like An Everflowing Stream” here.

Dismember live dates:

15.07.2022 – Obscene Extreme, Trutnov, Czech Republic
13.08.2022 – Party.San Metal Open Air, Schlotheim, Germany
16.09.2022 – Macken Fest, Stockholm, Sweden
24.09.2022 – Mexico Metal Fest, Monterrey, Mexico

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Photo courtesy of Dismember

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