News: Doki Doki Release New Music Video for ‘I Can’t Fight This Crazy Anymore’

Doki Doki have released their single “I Can’t Fight This Crazy Anymore” via Asian Man Records.

The new track delves into an anarchy ridden-punk feel shift of tone from their past releases, honing in on addictive hooks and high-energy.

“The track is about relationship woes,”  say Doki Doki about the track. The band highlight the lyrics, “Frozen from the moment we had shaken off the lies / Poems that would gather dust in boxes set aside” to drive in that concept.

Doki Doki were originally formed after the four bandmates became friends through their work with Asian Man Records’ Mike Park. Like their origin, the band are all about community, making music, and building up the DIY scene. Their latest single and video reflects all of that with their signature raw, authentic feel.

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