News: Dolo Tonight Releases New Single ‘Wakey Wakey’

Indie pop artist Dolo Tonight released a new single via Epitaph Records called “Wakey Wakey.”

The new single follows the release of his 2022 label debut EP LIFE’S A PARTY THEN YOU’RE DEAD. With the new single comes a trippy animated music video. “’Wakey Wakey’ is about wanting to get away from your partner so much that you consider poisoning them just to escape—The twist is that they were also trying to kill you the whole time,” Dolo says about the bizarre new single. “I wanted to make something that was entirely ME, lyrically speaking. I’m the kind of person to just say whatever comes to mind, and I wanted to carry that same attitude in this song.”

Dolo went on to explain that his producers considered the track laughable when they first heard it, and quickly changed their tunes. “The funny thing is—it started as a super sad song with the same melody, but then once I started adding wild stuff to it, something felt right. I showed it to one of my producers, Mandicimo, and he was like, ‘THERES NO WAY IM MAKING THIS HAHA’ and then three days later, he’s singing it around the house, and we recorded it within a day.”

The new single is now streaming on all platforms. You can also follow Dolo Tonight on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for future updates.

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