News: Dorthia Cottrell Releases New Single ‘Harvester’ from Forthcoming Solo Album ‘Death Folk Country’

Artist Dorthia Cottrell offers her music both as a tribute to love and her reconciliation with death. She is now all set to release her new album, Death Folk Country, which represents her personal feelings of love, loss and a lot more. Cottrell’s splendid performance takes listeners through the spectacular path of sentimental values. On the new album, Cottrell beat back death itself through her music. On this occasion, she unveils her new single off of the album, “Harvester.”

Dorthia Cottrell’s new single “Harvester” is composed with childhood nostalgia; the song makes you feel long for nature with all the wind chimes revolving within it. Dorthia Cottrell’s explains the song:

“Where I’m from, and probably most rural places in the U.S., there is a strong Christian religious presence, whether you identify as being religious or not, and it was always my feeling that that has a lot to do with being surrounded and immersed in nature and every part of your life being at the mercy of it–even when it is merciless and brutal. When you’re surrounded by something so vast and beautiful, the presence of ‘god’ and whatever that might mean to anyone, is blatant and undeniable. To me, ‘god’ is nature and God is Mother Earth, so also to me, when I’m back home or anywhere like that, I feel deeply the presence of my own idea of spirituality, the wonders of it and the feeling of being something small in the face of something totally out of your control. 

“That’s what ‘Harvester’ is about. Bad or good, In the patterns of nature you can see the patterns of all life, maybe even the patterns of the universe too, and that symmetry to me is god, and I’m grateful for it.”

According to the press release:

Cottrell was raised in rural King George, Virginia, a town with less than 5,000 inhabitants. Forests and tall-grass fields stretched before her. Beauty and boredom soared. That vague melancholy and memory of the American South is smudged all over Cottrell’s music. Cottrell grew up a goth, an outcast in a small town—a time and place she revisits throughout Death Folk Country.

Cottrell adds:

“This album, to me, is about painting a picture of a place where my heart lives. The title ‘Death Folk Country’ is partly me describing a genre that fits the sound—but it’s also meant to be taken as a Naming, a coronation of the world inside me. ‘Death Folk Country’ is the music and also the land where the music takes place, and the two have always been inextricable from each other.”

Dorthia Cottrell

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Death Folk Country Track Listing:

01 – Death Is The Punishment For Love
02 – Harvester
03 – Black Canyon
04 – Family Annihilator
05 – Effigy At The Gate Of Ur
06 – Midnight Boy
07 – Hell In My Water
08 – Take Up Serpents
09 – For Alicia
10 – Eat What I Kill
11 – Death Is Reward For Love

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Photo courtesy of Richard Howard

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