Rare Bird Books and Season of Mist have partnered for the release of a soundtrack for the upcoming coffee table book Daughters of Darkness, noted celebrity and music photographer Jeremy Saffer’s photographic love letter to the iconography of black metal and doom.

The Daughters of Darkness soundtrack will feature pivotal tracks from 12 artists culled from the Season of Mist black metal archives, including Abbath, Mayhem, 1349, Watain, Carach Angren, Carpathian Forest, Rotting Christ, Gaahls WYRD and more, curated by Saffer himself. The record will feature more than 60 minutes of music on limited edition gatefold double 45rpm vinyl. The album will be released as a free companion to the Daughters of Darkness Bathory, Bloody Bathory and box set editions of the book, and will not be available in stores.

In addition to the gatefold packaging, the set will include a limited edition poster and liner notes written by Saffer. Fans who have pre-ordered either of the Bathory, Bloody Bathory or box set will automatically receive the record. You can visit Rare Bird to upgrade your pre-order, if you wish to receive the exclusive, double vinyl soundtrack.

The book itself, which is scheduled for release on October 30, has been upgraded to a larger 9.5×14.25 format and has doubled from 144 to 288 pages, with the standard edition weighing in at a hefty five pounds.

Rare Bird is also offering a special contest to win one of eight highly collectible test pressings of the Daughters of Darkness soundtrack. Anyone pre-ordering the Bathory, Bloody Bathory or box set is automatically entered to win. 

Additionally, all pre-orders will now come with at least one (or more) randomly selected prints autographed by models, including Caroline Williams, Ash Costello, Joanna Angel, Jessie Lee, Trina Marazci (standard cover model), Dorian Dane (box set cover model), Lady Leanansidhe (Bathory cover model), Alexandra Fische, Midnight Starr, Monica Zamora, Lady Luna, Bella Vendetta and several others.

Visit Rare Bird Books for more information here.
Visit photographer Jeremy Saffer website here.

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