News: Doubt Announce New EP ‘Held in Contempt’

Baltimore’s hardcore punk act Doubt have announced a new EP, Held In Contempt. The EP is set to release July 12 via Get Better Records. Doubt are still ferocious and un-tameable, all whilst keeping to the mid-tempo traditions that their forebearers, Trapped Under Ice, started.

Presave Held In Contempt here.

Doubt got their start from taking cues from West Coast punk acts such as Ceremony and Trash Talk by showing over six tracks that they have no fear of any d-beat or technicality, yet they won’t sacrifice a stomping fight riff in order to shred. The tracks were produced with the help of CORPUS engineer, Aidan Elias.

Bassist Pocholo Itona on creating music within the band:

“Having something to channel all my passion into gives me a way to push myself creatively, interpersonally, and morally, and I always think that if I’m capable of succeeding with music. I’m capable of anything. If I’m able to be organized enough to perform and tour within DIY, there’s no reason I can’t organize politically and engage my community outside of DIY and punk.”

Held In Contempt Track List: 

  1. Doubt 2
  2. L.V.A.S.
  3. The Hard Way
  4. Delusion
  5. Muerde La Acera
  6. Forcibly Removed from the Game
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