News: Drakulas Releases Music Video For “Shame”

Drunk Dial Records band Drakulas releases their new music video for the song “Shame.” It comes on the heels of the recent release of the track.

If the band sounds familiar, it includes Mike Wiebe and Rob Merchant of the Riverboat Gamblers and Zach Blair of Rise Against. The group explores dark avenues not covered by their main bands.

Drunk Dial Records operates a little differently by inviting artists into a recording studio to write and record a song or cover in one session. But there is a catch, the artist or band must be fully inebriated.

The latest 7” has Drakulas doing the original “Shame” backed with a cover of Jim Carroll’s “Three Sisters.” It’s a combination of proto-punk, garage, 1980s synth and new wave with lyrical content to match.

Drakula is a concept band donning black turtlenecks and medallions who exist in a fictionalized late-70s metropolis.

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