News: Dream Unending Announce New Album, Unveil ‘Secret Grief’

Dream Unending’s debut album Tide Turns Eternal was a marked shift in musical ambition for Derrick Vella (Tomb Mold) and Justin DeTore (Innumerable Forms, Sumerlands). While structured with a foot firmly in death/doom, a far loftier purpose and progressivism was its hallmark, as such distancing itself from others pursuing the style.

Now returning only a year later with their stunning Song of Salvation, set to drop on November 11 via 20 Buck Spin, that exploratory zeal is given substantially greater allowance to soar and shine.

Like solitarily gazing at the downtown lights of the city at night from the window of a darkened room, the album’s first single “Secret Grief” features the guest talents of vocalist Phil Swanson and Leila Abdul-Rauf on trumpet, further widening the breadth of musical talent involved and the sweep of Song of Salvation‘s distinctive narrative.

Dream Unending’s Derrick Vella comments: “‘Secret Grief’ feels like the most direct song on the album. It’s still got this otherworldly feel, or slightly out of a different time. Its got this hotel bar ballad feel, very plaintive. Phil really came through with his vocal offering, almost a wail at times. Leila’s trumpet is like a siren, it came out greater than I could have ever imagined. It’s a real pleasure to know such talented people that would be happy to place a role on this. Love the King’s X vibe on the riff before the solo comes in. Justin’s drumming is so strong, lots of conviction.”

Dream Unending’s rapid evolution on the boundless panorama of Song of Salvation is, crucially and intrinsically, a continued departure from limiting genre norms and adept redefining of them. Preorders for Song of Salvation will be coming soon.

Listen to “Secret Grief” on YouTube here:

Follow 20 Buck Spin here for updates on preorders, and follow Dream Unending here.

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