News: Driveways Release ‘Skulls And Flowers’

Keeping with tradition, Massachusetts pop punk and post hardcore band Driveways release a new song in the fall. Put out on Friday, “Skulls and Flowers” is the latest seasonal song to be released by the band.

“The song is meant to be an epilogue or sequel to our previous single ‘Skeletons,'” the band say. “It builds on some of the themes and ideas from that song.”

Driveways released an October album or EP in each of the last three years. Perfecting its dark ambience, the group began the tradition in 2020 with the fittingly titled album October Forever.

This band’s next EP, named Epilogues II, will drop towards the end of spooky season with “Skulls and Flowers” as its lead single.

Driveways will make run through the Midwest, touring in Chicago and Minneapolis in November. The band headline a pair of holiday shows in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh in December.

For more on the Driveways shows and new music, click here.

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