Swiss harsh noise outfit Earthflesh have released the collaborative album Hyperpyrexia with fellow vibe-harsher Hostile Surgery. The album was released through a partnership with Short Run Industries and Basement Corner Emissions.

On the new album, Bruno from Earthflesh offered the following:

“In hyperpyrexia cases, the brain tells the body to raise its temperature above normal. The body then responds to the brain’s messages in raising its temperature to another, higher level. Such reaction normally happens as a result of an infection or trauma. The brain is not regulating the rise in temperature the way it does with other fevers and the body cannot handle the heat from environmental causes, and overheats.”

Earthflesh have also created a visualization for the new album, which you can check out below:

Stream and purchase Hyperpyrexia here.

Read our interview with Earthflesh here.


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