News: Earthless Announce New Record, ‘Night Parade Of One Hundred Demons”

Iconic power trio Earthless will launch their Winter tour January 27 in Los Angeles and release their sixth album, Night Parade Of One Hundred Demons, January 28 via Nuclear Blast. Night Parade Of One Hundred Demons is comprised of two instrumental tracks, the 41-minute title track and the 20-minute “Death To The Red Sun.” The album and title were inspired by an ancient Japanese legend.

Bassist Mike Eginton explains:

“My son and I came across the ‘Night Parade of One Hundred Demons’ in a book of traditional Japanese ghost stories. I like the idea of people hiding and being able to hear the madness but not see it. It’s the fear of the unknown.”

Regarding the record’s tone and inspiration, drummer Mario Rubalcaba states:

“It definitely has a darker, almost evil kind of vibe compared to stuff we’ve done in the past … There’s more paranoia and noise, and some of Isaiah’s whammy-bar stuff kind of reminds me of these Jeff Hanneman moments in Reign In Blood, where it just seems like everything is going to hell. It’s pretty fun.”

In addition to his bass parts, Mike Eginton also provided the album’s incredible sleeve art.

Eginton adds:

“I basically wanted to draw my interpretation of the folk story … I started researching the different Yōkai—the demons—and really got into it. It was really cool reading about where they came from and what their interactions with humans were. Then I tried to create what I imagined the event might look like. I didn’t get a hundred in there, but I got quite a few.”

When guitarist / vocalist Isaiah Mitchell moved back to San Diego from the Bay Area, things shifted musically inside the band.

Rubalcaba adds:

“With Isaiah here, we were able to get together once or twice a week to work on these jams …We got back to our original songwriting process of just playing and building off each other little by little. And we actually had the time to do that, which was creatively inspiring. ‘Black Heaven’ was outside our comfort zone. I think it was a good record, but it was challenging to write songs in a more traditional verse-chorus-verse format. This one was more enjoyable.”

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