News: El No (ex Breeders, Bellringer, etc.) Shares Video for “Move In Twos”

Tex/Ohio duo El No the video for “Move In Twos” from their forthcoming Nothing Is Possible LP, which sees release via Overthought Musik on April 1.

Born and raised during the apocalypse of 2020, El No is Nate Farley (Guided By Voices, The Amps, Robthebank, The Breeders) and Craig Nichols (Bellringer, Fur Coats, Dumbell, Shesus). Both with roots in the Dayton, Ohio, music scene, they are now both ex-pats living in Columbus, Ohio, and Austin, Texas, respectively.

In the past, the duo have performed in many bands and projects together and recently decided not to let the 1,500 miles between them get in the way of making music together. Armed with a bunch of demos, they met in the middle (Memphis, Tennessee) and let it rip. 

“Before we had a title for ‘Move In Twos’ we called it the campfire song,” Nichols says. “So when my wife and I stayed at a cabin in the desert in Big Bend Texas for Halloween on a full moon, near supposedly one of the most haunted cowboy graveyards, we made a fire and thought it would be perfect to film it and make a proper creepy video. Hope you dig it!”

Visit El No here:

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