News: Elder Devil Announce New Album ‘Everything Worth Loving,’ Share New Single ‘Endless Need’

Grind maniacs Elder Devil from Fresno, CA announce their second album, Everything Worth Loving, which will be out on June 16 through Prosthetic Records. The band have also dropped a new single titled “Endless Need” and a video with analog artist I Love You Just For Fun.

Watch the music video for “Endless Need” on YouTube:

Elder Devil talk about the album announcement and single release:

“‘Everything Worth Loving’ is about the inevitability of loss, the persistence of grief, and the disorientation of life after death. ‘Endless Need’ perfectly encapsulates the frustration and anger that lingers long after that loss and serves as a reminder that time does not heal all wounds.”

According to the press release:

Founded in 2016 by primary songwriter Jacob Lee (Hellish Form, Keeper, PlasticBag FaceMask) and vocalist Stephen Muir, Elder Devil’s mission statement of crafting coruscating grindcore and apoplectic sludge for the love of extreme music, and the scene they were birthed from, has remained unwavering in its execution. With a handful of EPs and a 2019 full-length, ‘The Light Dimmed Eternal,’ Elder Devil’s latest chapter is an uneasy rumination on grief.

Elder Devil:

Stephen Muir – vocals
Jacob Lee – guitar
Peter Ruacho – drums and noise
Ryan Urquidez – bass

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Photo courtesy of Nancy Anoukesy-Lee

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