News Emma Ruth Rundle Releases Video, Announces Album

The dark and enigmatic persona we humans colloquially refer to as Emma Ruth Rundle has announced a new album today, titled Engine of Hell. The Announcement is coupled with a new video for a song off the album, simply called “Return.”

Both the single and video are softly elegant, matching and complimentary meditations on trauma grief and the will to endure. You can check out the video for “Return” below:

On “Return,” Rundle offers the following illuminating statement:

“An examination of the existential. A fractured poem. Trying to quantify what something is definitely about or pontificating on its concrete meaning defeats the purpose of art making. I’m not a writer. I make music and images to express things that my words cannot convey or emote. I’ve been studying ballet and the practice of expression through movement, which I incorporated into the video. I choreographed a dance to the song—some of which you see. Pieces show through. Since completing Engine of Hell, I’ve stepped away from music more and more and into things like dance, painting, and working on ideas for videos or little films. ‘Return’ is the result of the efforts.”

Engine of Hell will be out November 5, 2021 on Sargent House. For pre-orders, go here.

Image credit: Mason Rose

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